Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has been treasured since ancient times for its constant, unchanging character and the richness of its warm golden color. Our finely crafted and beautifully designed jewelry in gold will compliment any look and the inscribed message will continue to inspire forever.  

 Mobius Necklaces


Mobius Bracelets


Rings & Other Jewelry

Individually Priced

All of our 14 karat yellow gold jewelry is made to order, individually handcrafted in our studios in New York. Delivery is three to four weeks. To learn more about our gold jewelry, or to place an order, please contact us at or call 212-995-9300 x 201. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Special Orders:

At the present time, special orders can be placed directly online in 14K yellow gold for a limited number of styles. Returns of these items are accepted. Four mobius bracelets and three mobius necklaces are available as special orders and are pictured below. 


Gold St. Patrick's Prayer Bracelet

St. Patrick's Prayer Bracelet 


St. Francis' Prayer Peace Gold Bracelet

 St. Francis' Prayer Peace Bracelet


What Lies Within Gold Bracelet

What Lies Within Bracelet 


Lord's Prayer KJV Gold Bracelet

 Lord's Prayer KJV Bracelet 


All Shall Be Well Necklace


My Sister, My Friend Through Thick And Thin Necklace


To Thine Own Self Be True Necklace

  SKU: LS06N14K  

Custom Orders:

In addition, all jewelry throughout can be custom ordered in 14K yellow gold. Please contact us for pricing. These items are made to order and again delivery is generally three to four weeks. Custom orders require a 50% deposit and are not returnable.